Adventures in Web Series: Volume 1


BAD SeEDS came about from a small group of film/tv professionals sitting around during a slow period shooting the shit, telling stories, making up stories. The talk continued, the stories developed, the scripts were written. More talk about logistics, casting, money. These were familiar things to us production people. One thing about tv and film people, we know how to get shit done. So, we borrowed some money, called in our friends in the business and made a show, three webisodes anyway.

We could see the writing on the wall: the internet was the future of entertainment; there was no sense in denying it. We must conform, or be obsolete. But we were all raised with the boob tube, we can all remember a time when there were just 4 channels: the three big networks, and PBS. I for one was rather intimidated by the web. How do you even find stuff that you want to watch online? Who has the time to even look for that stuff? I’ve got a job, a mortgage, a dog. I found comfort in channel surfing and the seasonal editions of TV guide announcing the new shows. It was all finite and somewhat simple, but it wasn’t reasonable to expect it to stay that way.

So when it came time to make our show, we just made it. That’s what we knew. It wasn’t long before we figured out we didn’t know shit.

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