Played by Bruce Dawson

Ray’s Flower Shop is just a front, but that doesn’t keep Ray from keeping his customers happy. He can charm the pants off any of his female customers, literally, but when it comes to his other “business”, he’s tough as nails.


Played by Nelson Leis

Steve’s a small town slacker with an incredible knack for getting laid. Now he’s working for his Uncle Ray.


Played by Shirleyann Mason

Sam works in Ray’s Flower Shop. She has the face of an angel and the mouth of a trucker, and oh yeah, she’s a lesbian. Sam’s a bit of a mystery, but there is definitely more to her than meets the eye.


Played by Ryan Cowie

Lyle’s a wannabe gangster and desperately wants to please Uncle Ray and move up through the ranks of the organization, but Steve’s arrival will throw a big wrench into that plan.


Played by Ron Selmour and Tim Perez

These guys are Ray’s muscle. They get the job done…eventually and not always efficiently.


Played by Phil Granger

A “Culture Vulture”, he’s the whitest guy to ever embrace the Japanese culture. Slightly “off”, Ed is Uncle Ray’s nemesis and only real competitor in town. He wants Ray to retire… so he can have it all.